PKMP Sastra Inggris 2022

On Saturday and Sunday, October 22nd & 23rd 2022, the English Literature Study Programme of  UNJ (Universitas Negeri Jakarta) held PKMP or “Pelatihan Kepemimpinan Mahasiswa Prodi”. PKMP is a coaching activity organised by the Student Executive Board of every study programme in UNJ in which every student in said study programmes is required to attend once during their education at UNJ.


Parties involved in PKMP include a committee that consists of the Student Executive Board and volunteers from civil students of the English Literature Study Programme. The event itself was supervised by the Student Representative Council where they monitored the performance of the committee, as well as participants consisting of the new study programme students and the old ones who have not attended PKMP yet or did not pass PKMP the previous year. There were also the Supervisor of Student Executive Board, Ms. Nurul Adha Kurniati, M.Hum., and Study Programme Coordinator, Ma’am Rahayu Purbasari, M.Hum., who oversees the course of this activity.


Based on an interview I conducted with the steering committee of PKMP, Aisyah “Ari” Syahrini, This event needed to be held because administratively, a certificate of graduation from PKMP is required to fulfil the SKPI (Surat Keterangan Pendamping Ijazah) as a requirement for submitting a thesis in the final semester. In terms of benefits, PKMP is needed to train and foster each study programme student to become a person with a leadership spirit who is ready to lead themself, the lecture environment, and in the community later in life.


As you can see in the picture above, part of the PKMP also conducted remotely using Zoom Cloud Meeting. While the event itself is offline, the committee also held Pra PKMP on October 15th 2022 in order to give the participants instructions on what to prepare, while also giving them some materials and quizzes which are related to leadership itself.


PKMP can also be a medium to introduce new students of the study programme to the student organisations such as BEM (Student Executive Board), and or DPM (Student Representative Council). The picture above shows Ari, who is also the head of the regeneration department in the English Literature Student Executive Board, and her staff explaining to the PKMP participants about their department. They were doing what’s called “Safari BEM & DPM” where each department of Student Executive Board and Student Representative Council take turns in explaining their job description in the organisation itself.


All in all, this activity went relatively well, even though there were some miscommunications or mishaps during the second day, but all of the committee members were able to adapt to the situations and react accordingly. It is hoped that PKMP provided benefits for all parties involved, and was able to achieve the objectives of this event.