Why should we join English Study Programme Gathering?

What is ESPG?

English Study Program Gathering or commonly known as ESPG is an event that is held about every two years in English Literature. This event is a place where students can express their aspirations directly to the lecturer. Not only that, various complaints that are felt during their study of English literature can also be delivered directly there. And all these aspirations can be responded to directly by the parties concerned.

Even so, ESPG was not an event that made chaos or fights. This event was held with a discussion forum. Students who want to express their aspirations also have rules, as well as lecturers. So all the complaints of English literature students can be conveyed well, and also get a good response.

Why is the ESPG only held once every 2 years?

As the name suggests, ‘English Study Program Gathering’, it means that the participants of this event are not only English Literature students but also ‘English Study Program students’. Yep, this event is held every 2 years. Alternating with English education study program. If this year it was held in English Literature, then next year it was held in English Education.

This year, ESPG was held by the Student Executive Board of the English Literature Study Program, on July 11, 2022, exactly one day after Eid al-Adha took place. But that did not eliminate the enthusiasm of the lecturers and students to gather in the Bung Hatta Hall, Building M – UNJ.

Why are all English literature students advised to join ESPG?

Espg is an event that is eagerly awaited by English literature students. Because the main goal of this event is to listen to all the aspirations of English literature students. Not just a few who want to express their aspirations directly, after 2 years. And also many who were involved in the success of this event. Such as lecturers, study program choirs, and study program admins also participated in the discussion forum.

ESPG is also a place for gathering the entire academic community of English literature study programs and providing information about English literature study programs. Why? Because at this ESPG event, English literature students from all generations come and gather in one place. Therefore, it is very unfortunate if there are students who miss the ESPG. Moreover, this event is only held once every 2 years in English Literature.

Even though this year the ESPG received some criticism from civil English literature students due to the lack of time for them to convey all their aspirations, this event ran smoothly and it was a success. And I hope that in the next two years, all student aspirations can be conveyed directly, and ESPG will be even better than this year.