Field Work Practicum (FWP/Internships) is an off-campus academic endeavor designed to enhance students’ professional and academic competencies within their fields of study. It involves hands-on experiences, allowing them to engage with real-world issues and acquire knowledge and skills beyond traditional classroom learning. FWP/Internships covers field orientation, field work learning, interactive dialogues, and showcasing outcomes through seminars and exhibitions. This practical approach bridges theoretical understanding gained in classrooms with real-life applications, fostering mature thinking, social awareness, and community interaction. FWP/Internships impact is reflected in students’ grades and an FWP/Internships certificate, signed by the Dean, which can bolster employment and higher education pursuits. The primary goal of the Field Work Practicum is to offer students valuable off-campus learning experiences that enhance their knowledge, expertise, and relevant professional skills in their chosen field. Additionally, FWP/Internships aims to promote mature thinking, sensitivity to socio-cultural issues, and the development of collaborative skills while interacting with communities outside the campus. This endeavor seeks to bridge the gap between theoretical classroom learning and practical real-world applications, fostering a harmonious integration of knowledge and skills.

Requirements and Implementation Procedures

Participation in the Field Work Practicum  program requires meeting eight conditions: FWP/Internships is obligatory for FBS students with at least 80 credits or successful completion of “DFT Fur Anfanger” for German Language Education; it can serve as a prerequisite for certain courses; students unable to join the current year’s KKL/Study Field can do so the following year; proposal submission to the Vice Dean for Academic Affairs, specifying location and schedule; KKL/Study Field activities can be local or international based on needs and funding; held in odd or even semesters; timing aligns with the Academic Calendar and available funding; and health requirements include a doctor’s note and parental consent for students with specific medical conditions.

The process for the Field Work Practicum (FWP/Internships) program:

  1. Venue and Speaker Selection:

   – Venue aligns with study program objectives.

   – Speakers are qualified experts or productive artists.

   – Based on student and faculty proposals, approved by the Coordinator of the Study Programm.

  1. Completeness:

   – Proposal components required for successful FWP/Internships.

   – Includes visit request, expert confirmation, permissions from FBS – UNJ, FWP/Internships location, Program, East Jakarta Police (if outside city), and Dirjen Belmawa Kemristekdikti (for international FWP/Internships).

  1. FWP/Internships Guidance:

   – Academic Advisors (PAs) and faculty guide FWP/Internships.

   – Advisors assist in various stages and activities.

   – Organizing committee consults and reports to advisors and Coordinator.


  1. FWP/Internships Activities:

   – FWP/Internships duration up to six days.

   – Students engage in Field Work Practicum, supervised by advisors.

   – Activities involve preparation, field work, and evaluation.

   – Final report, seminar, exhibition, or performance within two months.

  1. Funding Sources:

   – Budget from Faculty of Language and Arts based on UNJ’s operational budget.

   – Additional funding from students or sponsors, tailored to needs.

Implementation Flow

NoProcessExecutionQuality Standards
Study ProgramStudentActivity ObjectivesTimeOutputs
2The Study Program submits a funding request for FWP to the Dean's Office.Days 1-14
3The Study Program coordinates with students to plan activities.
4Students carry out preparations for activity implementation.1-3 Months
5The Study Program conducts a progress meeting on activity readiness with the Committee.Days 1-7
6Activity ImplementationDays 1-7
7Students submit their FWP activity reports.






Execution Quality Standards
Study program Student Activity Objectives Time Outputs
1 Start
2 The Study Program submits a funding request for FWP to the Dean’s Office. Days 1-14
3 The Study Program coordinates with students to plan activities.
4 Students carry out preparations for activity implementation. 1-3 Months
5 The Study Program conducts a progress meeting on activity readiness with the Committee. Days 1-7
6 Activity Implementation Days 1-7
7 Students submit their FWP activity reports.
8 Completed


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