An Experience of Being a Part of Seminar Nasional Organizer

Seminar Nasional is an event organized by the English Literature Study Program, Faculty of Language and Art, Universitas Negeri Jakarta (UNJ). This event was held online on Monday, September 26th, 2022 with the topic “Menulis Memoar, Mengabadikan Memori” (Write Memoir, Eternalize Memory) presented by Ngadiyo, a writer and CEO of Diomedia Publisher. Twelve committees contributed to organize this event, including the students, the lecturers, and the admin of the study program. One of the students who contributed to the committee, Sitaulia Amarillis, shares her experience in joining this committee program.

“At that moment, I just finished my class. Later on, Ma’am Tesa, the lecturer and the Chief Committee of Seminar Nasional, asked me to be the Coordinator of the Event Division,” Sita said on Tuesday, October 4th, 2022.

At first, Sita surely wants to experience how it feels to join the committee program for a formal and large-scale event, and suddenly her lecturer asked her and the other students to contribute together to organizing the Seminar Nasional. That is why she immediately accepted her lecturer’s offer and joined the committee program.

As a Coordinator of the Event Division, Sita has several jobs to do. For the event preparation, Sita has to make a registration form for people who want to register, make a WhatsApp group chat for the registers, and send the event broadcast to the group chat. Meanwhile, for the day the event was held, Sita has to be the co-host for the zoom meeting, remind the registers to enter the zoom meeting, and make sure that the event goes well and orderly. 

“Since the job that I got was not complicated, I could finish it in just a few hours.”

Sita admitted that she could finish every job she got for the event preparation within a short amount of time. But, there was also the time when she hardly finished her job quickly due to the revision that was given many times. It took a few days for her to finish the revision given by her partners.

There are also several difficulties that she faced during the event preparation, such as the technical spread of the invitation that was confusing because there were so many important people who should be invited to this event, the event broadcast that was revised multiple times due to the misspellings, the multiple revisions in the poster design, and many seminar audiences that just filled the registration form when the event has started. Despite all difficulties she faced, Sita is happy since she finally got the experience and the benefit of joining the committee program for the formal and large-scale event she wanted. She got a chance to build a relationship with all committees including the lecturers who led them in organizing the event, and the committee appreciation certificate as well. 

At first, Sita was nervous and was doubting if she and the other committees would be able to prepare for this large-scale event in less than a week, but thankfully the event went smoothly. She also added, the committee system for the large-scale event is approximately the same as the committee program for the small-scale event. The jobs given are the same and all committees divide and work on their jobs well.

She also said that she wants to join this kind of committee program again if she has free time, and she is currently joining a committee program for the competition and seminar event on campus.

“Of course, I want to join this kind of committee program again if I have free time besides my academic schedule. This program is very beneficial because we can gain our experiences in learning how to organize an event properly so that the event can go well.”